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Peak Performance winter sportswear


Peak Performance is the largest Scandinavian brand when it comes to indoor and outdoor sportswear. The emphasis is on functional clothing that can be worn during all sports. You will find a wide range of winter sports clothing and casual clothing for both men and women. For winter sports enthusiasts looking for a combination of high-quality and technical materials and a clean and sleek design, we recommend the well-known Heli line. In addition, the Helium Jacket is a bestseller among the insulator down jackets.

History of Peak Performance

The development of the Peak Performance brand started in 1986. The idea was simple: Appropriate clothing for different occasions. Do you want to climb the Himalayas? Or do you want to go on a diving holiday in the Philippines? At Peak Performance you will always find the right clothing for the right occasion. Throughout the years, Peak Performance has been perfected and is now one of the most well-known brands in the field of outdoor clothing. The criteria the clothes have to meet are simplicity, functionality, environmental friendliness and durability.