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Women's skis

When it comes to skis for women, the choice is vast. Are you going for a piste ski or do you prefer a wider version? We have them all. From beginner to expert. What are your wishes? What should the ski do for you? Where do you use it the most? And what is important to you that it should be able to do? And how do you see your future, how would you like to ski in a few years? These are questions that make you think about what is important for your ski.

Ski's for women are slightly different from ski's for men. Women are generally smaller than men and have a different build. A woman's centre of gravity is slightly further back and the muscle mass and strength of the female body is proportionally less. A women's ski is therefore not simply a men's ski in a small size. A women's ski is made of lighter materials, the binding is placed slightly further forward and the appearance is also adapted to women.

However, women's skis do of course come in all categories: for racing, for downhill skiing, all-mountain skis and specific powder skis. And all especially for ladies.

Almost the entire ski assortment has the possibility of "Try & Buy", in one of the test centers in Zoetermeer or Landgraaf. Our advisors can help you in the shop or online, with or without testing, to make the right choice.