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Falke ski and snowboard socks

Falke socks are the main product of the German brand Falke, which has specialised in socks for more than 100 years. In the area of winter sports, Falke has an extensive selection of high-quality ski socks and snowboard socks. The socks are always:

  •  anatomically shaped
  • seamless
  •  and therefore have an excellent fit.

History of Falke

Roofing contractor Franz Falke-Rohen, who worked as a seasonal knitter during the cold winter months, founded his own knitting company in 1895. Franz Falke-Rohen and his son bought the wool and hair yarn spinning mill "Carl Meisenburg" in Schmallenberg, Germany (later "FALKE Garne"), thus laying the foundation for the development of today's group of companies. In 1946, the brand name "FALKE" was created and first used for socks and stockings. The figurative and word marks were registered and protected as trademarks in 1950.

With the purchase of the pantyhose factory "Uhli" founded in 1948, the market for pantyhose was also entered. This is where the first nylon stockings were woven and the first tights were manufactured using a cotton machine. FALKE no longer focuses exclusively on the market for knitted socks.

Between the 70s and 90s FALKE receives creative impulses through cooperation with international designers such as Armani, Lagerfeld, Christian Dior and Paul Smith. In addition, FALKE sponsors the William F1 team in the 1997/1998 season. In the following years, FALKE receives several awards and develops further in the sportswear and compression stockings market.