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OSBE helmets

The mission of OSBE is to develop and produce helmets that are at the forefront of technology and design. OSBE believes that technology should have a soul and therefore the Italian designers put their passion and craftsmanship into creating elegant products that can be worn every day with style. They create quality and technology to protect you on your adventures. These helmets are truly 'Made in Italy'

History of OSBE

Founded in 1976 for the production of intercom communication systems, from 1996 OSBE expanded its production to the sector of helmets, initially for use in cars and on motorbikes. From 2001 they also produced helmets for skiing, and from 2018 came the launch of the OSBE bicycle helmet. OSBE is an Italian helmet manufacturer, recognized by the Italian Minister of Transport, and also acts as an ambassador of Italy through their presence in 23 different countries.