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Flow snowboard bindings

At Flow, they have always chosen their own path, starting with the first Flow bindings in 1996, with a binding that consists of two straps and a fixed heel. Flow believes that snowboarding should be about fun. That's why, from day one, they've been making bindings to make a snowboarder's life easier. Set them once and you don't have to think about it anymore.

History of Flow

Flow started out as a binding manufacturer, but nowadays produces a complete range of boards, bindings and snowboard boots. Flow has distinguished itself for over 15 years with their original take on snowboarding products. Neil Pryde and Reinhardt Hansen started Flow because they wanted to make snowboard bindings more comfortable and user-friendly. Flow is the founder of "speed entry" bindings, which were once seen as a joke, but are now widely regarded as one of the most innovative and useful binding innovations in the history of snowboarding.