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Oakley snow goggles, sunglasses, must-haves and gloves


Oakley is known for its quality in their eyewear. Lenses of very high quality, progressive shapes and always optimal in use.

The latest development is the Prizm technology for the lenses. This ensures optimal vision in all kinds of light conditions, both in snow and in daily life. By making colour and sharpness optimal, you see things you normally wouldn't see. In terms of snow goggles, this provides an unprecedented high contrast and allows you to see depth even more easily. This concept has been copied by many brands, but never 100% matched. Oakley remains a leading brand in the field of eyewear.

History of Oakley

Oakley started in the 80s, but with parts for motocross like grips etc. In 1980, the first goggle for motocross was made and in 1983 the first ski goggles. Followed by the first sunglasses in 1984. And that's where we know Oakley from.

Nowadays Oakley has a big range of accessories. Besides the famous sunglasses and ski goggles, there's also golf clothing, winter sports clothing, helmets and a lot of casual wear added to the collection.