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Leki ski poles and gloves

Today, Leki is a company with a worldwide reputation for trekking, Nordic walking and ski poles. This has been made possible by sustainable developments in technology and innovation. In addition, intensive involvement and exchange of experiences with sportsmen and women and opinion leaders as well as cooperation with dealers and suppliers have contributed greatly to Leki's fame and glory.

History of Leki

In 1948, Leki was founded by Karl Lenhart. Originally, Leki was a wood processing company, specialising in lettering. Karl Lenhart was an avid skier, but was very dissatisfied with the quality and functionality of ski poles at the time. He started using his machines to develop handles and counters for ski poles. Because Lenhart also had experience in aerospace, he knew how to process aluminium and composite. From these raw materials, he made his first own ski poles and marketed them in 1970 under the name LEKI.