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Smith helmets and snow goggles


Smith makes snow goggles and helmets with a strong focus on innovative, durable and top quality products. Like many other brands in the industry, they draw inspiration from the stories of skiers and snowboarders around the world. Innovations that we still enjoy today include the foam between the inner and outer lens, as well as the fact that your snow goggles are tightly connected to your face. When it comes to helmets, Smith has gone a long way in developing ventilation and extra protection by looking at all the impact zones.

History of Smith

In 1965, Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist and avid skier, developed the first sealed thermal lens and breathable ventilation foam. He handcrafted glasses in his garage and sold them from his van on weekend ski trips in Utah and Colorado. With a refined design and manufacturing plan, Smith began production of his Smith Original ski goggles in Rifle, Colorado with a contract manufacturer in 1969.

In 1979, Smith introduced the Turbo Fan constant air management system. This micro-fan on the front of the goggles resulted in the first goggles with an active ventilation system. In 1995, Smith introduced the V3 goggles, bringing an unprecedented field of vision to the market. In 1998, Smith introduced the Warp goggles. These were the first goggles to completely enclose your face. In 2007, after years of development, Smith introduced the I / O goggles to the market, the first snow goggles with interchangeable lenses. In 2016, after years of innovation in these goggles, Smith launched ChromaPop™ snow lenses that improve clarity and natural colours, so you can see more details effortlessly.

In 2006, Smith entered the snow helmet market. Building on experience in fog-free goggle technology, Smith takes goggle helmet integration to a new level by introducing AirEvac and AirEvac2. These two active ventilation systems use channels and vents integrated into the helmet design to enhance active and passive ventilation of the goggles. Utilising the Aerocore construction with Koroyd and Smith's innovative Exoskeleton design, the Quantum offers even more protection in key side impact zones from 2017.