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The ski jersey or midlayer has an important function in keeping your body warm. In contrast to your jacket, you can adjust your midlayer perfectly to the weather conditions. In warm weather, you wear a thin pullover or thin jumper. In cold and inclement conditions, you wear a warm fleece or hoodie to keep your body nice and warm.

A good ski jersey is made of synthetic material (fleece or similar) and absolutely not made of cotton. Cotton pullovers retain moisture and will therefore feel cold and stay wet for a long time after perspiration. Many modern ski pullovers also use the increasingly popular Merino wool, because of its insulating function and the fact that this wool stays smelling fresh for a long time and does not itch.

The function of a ski jersey is to insulate. A ski jersey is often the intermediate layer between the thermal underwear and the ski jacket. A thicker pullover is more suitable for cold skiers because it is warmer, while thinner pullovers are ideal for sporty (sweating) skiers who do not get cold easily.